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Silent Hill 2 Remake To Launch Simultaneously On PS5 & PC, Is Sony Console-Exclusive For 12 Months

Konami’s Silent Hill 2 Remake will launch on PS5 and PC simultaneously when it eventually sees the light of day, Sony Interactive Entertainment has confirmed in the small print on the latest trailer.

Crucially, it also reveals that the game will not be coming to any other platform for at least 12 months, so if there is an Xbox release planned, it won’t come out until at least a year after the PS5 release. Speaking of which, we still don’t have a release date for Silent Hill 2 Remake yet, as the latest trailer didn’t give us any hint of when the game will come out.

Silent Hill 2 Remake is in development at Bloober Team and is a full overhaul of the 2001 psychological horror classic, which is widely regarded as one of the greatest horror games of all time. Once again, players control James Sunderland as he travels to the foggy town after receiving a letter from his deceased wife, Mary.

[Source – Resident Evil Central on Twitter]