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Silent Hill Series Producer On Why Silent Hill 2 Is Being Remade Instead Of The First Game

Motoi Okamoto, the Producer on the newly-resurrected Silent Hill franchise, has revealed during an interview with IGN Japan why Silent Hill 2 is being given the remake treatment instead of the original 1999 PSOne classic horror title.

While Okamoto-san admitted that ‘some people inside the company’ wanted to go for a Silent Hill 1 Remake, the team ultimately decided that the second game would be better as most people identify it with ‘true psychological horror.’

When we thought about what Silent Hill’s identity is, we came to the conclusion that it’s the true psychological horror of the series. And when you ask people what true psychological horror is, just about everyone will tell you Silent Hill 2.

We decided that if the brand’s identity is true psychological horror, we needed to start by remaking Silent Hill 2. There were of course some people inside the company who thought it would be better to start with 1, but I wanted to start this project with something that symbolizes this identity.

Silent Hill 2 Remake is currently in development at Bloober Team for PS5 and PC. The Layers of Fear maker previously revealed that it was taking a ‘very safe approach‘ in regards to any changes made to the project.

[Source – IGN]