Electronic Entertainment Expose [E3] 2007 News

Silent Hill V announced at E3 2007

Konami has announced a new addition to the Silent Hill series, currently titled Silent Hill V. The game will follow war veteran Alex Shepherd, whose brother is found to be missing when he returns home from a tour of duty. His search takes him to the community of Shepherd’s Glen and ultimately, to Silent Hill itself.

Konami has promised that we’ll learn more about the history of Silent Hill in this outing of the popular survival horror franchise. Players will also have access to a new improved combat system with a variety of offensive and defensive moves.

Konami’s Vice President of Product Development said, "Silent Hill V is an international, cross-cultural production, with leading developer talent from around the globe collaborating to raise the bar even higher for this incredible series." The game will combine "gritty graphics and sound [to create] a haunting atmosphere and all-new visceral gameplay elements."

The publisher is confident that the latest addition to the Silent Hill franchise will show how next-generation (now current generation) hardware can enhance the playing experience. The game is planned for release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

A teaser trailer of the Silent Hill V can be seen at Gamevideos.