Silent Hills collaboration was ‘beautiful,’ says Guillermo del Toro

Hollywood director Guillermo del Toro has spoken up about the now-canceled Silent Hills project with Hideo Kojima, describing his ill-fated collaboration with the Metal Gear creator as ‘beautiful.’

Chatting with IGN UK, del Toro, who has worked on the likes of Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth, said the duo had a clear idea of where to take the reboot of Konami’s long-running psychological horror franchise, which was to star The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus.

"The collaboration between [Metal Gear creator Hideo] Kojima and myself, the meetings, and the friendship that was developing was beautiful," he said. "We had an agreement on where to go. We had an agreement on how we were going to push the new platforms. We were having a blast."

"Honestly, that’s what surprised me," del Toro added, in regards to how fast things fell apart. "It was a sort of scorched earth approach. It was not a gentle and ambiguous cancellation.

"What we wanted to do with the title – and we were very much in agreement on this – was to take the technology and make it as cutting-edge as we could in creating terror in the house. The idea was very, very atmosphere-drenched.

"But what made Silent Hill so great was that you had the atmosphere but then you had a pay-off with a very active, very intense series of moments. We wanted to do some stuff that I’m pretty sure – just in case it ever comes back, which honestly I would love for somebody to change their mind and we can do it – but in case it comes back there was some stuff that was very new, and I wouldn’t want to spoil it."

Unfortunately, Silent Hills marks del Toro’s second attempt at getting a videogame off the ground, with his original project, inSANE, also ending up on the cutting room floor after THQ collapsed. 

Silent Hills was originally announced at Gamescom 2014 and was followed by a demo, P.T., which quickly amassed over one million downloads. However, the teaser was removed from the PlayStation Store a few weeks ago, and it’s now impossible to download, even if you previously grabbed it. 

Silent Hills itself was officially canceled not long after following extensive reports of a falling out between Kojima-san and Konami bosses. Just this week, the Japanese giant said it plans to move away from AAA console development and focus on the realm of mobile gaming.

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