Silent Hills could ignite Project Morpheus sales

New peripherals that force consumers to play games in a way that differs from the norm face a tough time. We saw with PlayStation Move that gamers initially enjoyed the novelty aspect with games like Sports Champions, but soon got bored and reverted back to using the controller.

The lack of games and publisher support for Move undoubtedly didn’t help, but Project Morpheus, Sony Computer Entertainment’s virtual reality headset for PS4 and PS Vita, has the opportunity to grab the attention of gamers from day one with a title that would surely set sales off to an almighty start. We’re talking about Silent Hills.


There were many clues hidden in P.T., the playable demo of Silent Hills which was released on PS4 during Gamescom, but the biggest one of all is that Hideo Kojima’s next project could be compatible with Morpheus. Right near the end of P.T. is one clue that has ignited the tantalising suggestion.

But guess what? I will be coming back, and I’m bringing my new toys with me” were the words presented on-screen just before the announcement trailer for Silent Hills.

The words “new toys” have led to suggestions that Kojima could be referring to Project Morpheus. The virtual reality headset is perfect for games that adopt that first-person viewpoint, like we saw in P.T., though Kojima says that he still hasn’t yet decided if Silent Hills will adopt that camera position throughout the game.

Silent Hills is still in the early stages of development and the only platform we currently know that it will definitely launch on is PS4, but bringing a butt-clenchingly scary and well-known horror franchise to Morpheus at launch would be an incredible way to rouse interest and encourage early sales.

Whether Kojima is up for doing something as drastically brand new as virtual reality with his franchise, offering another way for players to interact with his popular I.P., is another matter, but you can bet your life that Sony will be having this conversation right now.

Can you imagine how scary Silent Hills on Morpheus would be? We would definitely have to wear two pairs of pants.