Siren: Blood Curse price drop to complement new Home Space

Siren: Blood Curse slipped under many gamers’ radars, despite the game’s great reviews and genuinely scary thrills. Those who skipped this PSN game may want to reconsider, however, because it’s getting a price drop. The full package will now be priced at $29.99, while the three episode bundles are priced at $10.99 a piece.

The price drop will coincide with the launch of the new Siren: Blood Curse Home Space in North America (it’s coming to Europe sometime later). The space includes a Ward of Despair mini-game based on the Saiga Hospital stage from the full game. In the Ward of Despair, teams of up to five players will be provided with objectives, while Shibitos and zombies attempt to stop them. If all players successfully complete their tasks, the team will receive Siren-themed Home costumes.

Finally, if you happen to pop into Home on Tuesday, May 12, you should definitely check out the Siren: HorrorBowl bowling tournament. Users that walk in adorned with the aforementioned Siren costumes will be eligable to win the Siren: Blood Curse bundle (episodes 1-4), which Sony reps will be randomly passing out during the event.


UPDATE: The price drop will only last two weeks. Hurry up folks!