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Slegehammer Is Looking Into A Bug That Lets Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Players Sprint While In Prone Position

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer has been a bright spot in an otherwise troubled launch with a less than ideal showing for the campaign.

A huge part of that comes from the return of classic, fan favourite maps from the original Modern Warfare series, and just like back in the day, players are exploiting bugs that absolutely seem to break the game.

The latest, is a bug which allows players to sprint while lying in the prone position, and Sledgehammer Games is currently looking into.

Until a fix for the exploit is live of course, it’s new movement tech for players who can figure out how to exploit it and win as many games as they can.

“We’re investing an exploit that allows players to sprint while appearing in the prone animation.” said Sledgehammer in a statement on Twitter through the Modern Warfare 3 official account.

So like any live service game where bugs like this can pop up and make the gameplay even more fun or frustrating, depending whether your using the exploit or not, best act quickly if you want to be a part of this moment in time for Modern Warfare 3.

Source – [VGC]