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Sonic Frontiers Is Officially The Fastest-Selling 3D Sonic Game As Sales Hit 3.5 Million

SEGA has announced that Sonic Frontiers, the latest entry in the Blue Blur’s illustrious badnik-bashing career, has reached 3.5 million unites worldwide since its November 2022 launch. That also makes it the fastest-selling 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game to date.

Sonic Heroes previously held that record, although it’s worth noting that the game is still the best-selling 3D Sonic game. Still, the way Sonic Frontiers is going, it’ll probably catch up soon enough. Sonic has been speeding through 3D worlds since 1998’s Dreamcast classic Sonic Adventure.

Sonic Frontiers is an ambitious Sonic game, as it features an open world packed with side quests and other activities in addition to the more traditional 3D stages seen in the series. The combat system is combo-based and sees Sonic battling hulking mechanical beasts.

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SEGA revealed back in February that Sonic Frontiers ‘greatly exceeded‘ its expectations, and its success will facilitate a bigger budget for future projects.

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