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Sony Announces Partnership With NCSOFT To Help It “Expand Beyond Console And Broaden PlayStation’s Reach”

Sony has announced a partnership with MMO developer and publisher NCSOFT, a partnership that Sony says will help its efforts to “expand beyond console and broaden PlayStation’s reach to wider audience.”

The deal was signed by exiting president Jim Ryan and NCSOFT chief executive officer Taekjin Kim.

“This partnership with SIE is the beginning of our efforts to build various synergies together, utilizing both companies’ core competencies, technological capabilities, and expertise,” said Kim.

“We will deliver a new and enjoyable experience to our audience across and beyond genres and regions.”

For Ryan’s part, he added “Partnering with NCSOFT advances our strategy to expand beyond console and broaden PlayStation’s reach to a wider audience.

Like SIE, NCSOFT shares a similar vision in creating high-quality, impactful entertainment experiences for players everywhere, and together we’re excited to collaborate to push the boundaries of gaming further.”

What makes this partnership more interesting is the rumour that NCSOFT is already working on an MMO based on Guerilla’s Horizon franchise.

If that is already the case, then the Horizon MMO will likely be the first fruit this partnership bears, and it’ll be interesting to see which IP Sony tackles next.

Source – [SIE]