Sony begins sending PS3 beta invites through PSN messages

Sony has started sending out beta invites to users directly through PlayStation Network messages, rather than through redeemable codes in email messages, as the company has done in the past.

Thousands of surprised PSN users are finding Killzone 3 beta invites in their inboxes today, as Sony begins to implement its new beta invite system. These official beta invites carry the official PSN logo as well as the beta name in the "From" section of the message. At the bottom of each message is a link to the PlayStation Store to download the beta itself.

Clickable links mark a clear improvement over the cumbersome 12-character codes that users had to redeem to enter into past betas—not that those were all that difficult to begin with. This serves as a reminder that, nearly four years after the launch of the PlayStation Network, Sony continues to improve the experience for its users, bit by bit.

Thanks to Lethal_NFS from our forum for the photo.