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Sony Expects PS5 Sales Of At Least 15 Million This Next Financial Year

Sony Interactive Entertainment has revealed during its Investor Relations Day presentation that it expects to move at least 15 million PS5s during this next financial year.

Furthermore, the electronics behemoth forecast sales of upwards of 23 million during the financial year after this, which would mean the console will reached an installed base of around 50 million in just 2.5 years.

Of course, this is all subject to whether or not Sony is able to actually flog that number of PS5s during that time, but the system is definitely off to a good start. Earlier this year, Sony announced it had shipped 7.8 million PS5s as of March 31, 2021.

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Sony also revealed during its IR Day that it expects the disc-based PS5 model to start breaking even next month, and that the PlayStation Business is as profitable as it has ever been. In addition, it has labelled Returnal as a successful new IP following its launch on PS5 in April.

[Source – Christopher Dring on Twitter via ResetEra]