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Sony Interactive Entertainment Trademark ‘Soho Engine’ In Europe


Sony Interactive Entertainment has trademarked ‘Soho Engine’ in Europe.

The trademark, which was found by Gematsu, has absolutely no detail about what SOHO engine is or what it will be used for. Therefore, it could be a new engine being developed internally, such as for the action-adventure PS5 title Visual Arts is working on. Or it could be the title of a new game being developed by a member of PlayStation Studios, either first-party or a second-party partner.

Right now, we really don’t have a lot to go on, but it is fun to speculate as to what this could be. Sony has many studios, a number of which are working on new titles, but this could also be a brand new piece of technology. One other possibility is that this is the new name for SIE Japan Studio’s rumored sci-fi adventure RaySpace, which started life as a PS4 title and eventually leapt to next-gen.

Source – [EU Trademarks via Gematsu]