Sony is working on a thinner PS4 Slim console model – rumor

new playstation console

Sony is reportedly working on a thinner version of the current PS4 model, that is according to Taiwanese newspaper, DigiTimes.

In an article regarding Nintendo’s year-one sales forecast for the Switch – 20 million consoles shipped, by the way – it’s offhandedly mentioned that, alongside the fact that Microsoft is currently putting the finishing touches to its next console, code-named: ‘Scorpio’, Sony is also working on a thinner revision of the current PS4. 

It’s unclear whether or not this is a slim version of the PS4 Pro, or simply another iteration on the existing PS4 Slim SKU. If we were to hazard a guess we’d suspect it’d make more sense for Sony to continue its Pro line, by offering a slightly thinner version, and in the process, being able to continue a competitive price point for the older model.

Either way, if the rumor holds any weight, we’re likely to see it at E3 – possibly as a response to what Microsoft brings to the table with regards to new console hardware.

PS4 sales continue with same momentum

One thing’s for sure, with Sony’s success at the minute –  what with around 56 million consoles sold as of now –  it could be a shrewd move to dampen the fever around Microsoft by offering up a new revised bundle just before it hits shops.

As ever, stay tuned to PSU for any updates regarding a new PS4 Slim.