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Sony Looking To Increase PSN Engagement By ‘Strengthening PlayStation Now’

Speaking during a corporate strategy meeting today, Sony announced plans to boost user engagement across the PlayStation Network.

The PlayStation console maker confirmed it aims to achieve this by “by strengthening the PlayStation Now cloud streaming game service, and Sony intends to continue investing in or partnering with external studios in addition to investing in its in-house studios to enhance its software offering.”

PS Now launched back in 2014 and is home to hundreds of titles spanning PS2, PS3 and PS4, allowing users to stream content directly to their console or to download the games directly. The service is currently available to purchase via a number of subscription models.

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There’s still a lot of speculation right now as to how Sony plans to combat Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service, with God of War creator David Jaffe suggesting the company is looking at a way to ‘counterpunch’ its rival in this respect.

[Source – Engadget]