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Sony Patents Audio Technology Seemingly For PlayStation VR2 That Responds To Player’s Movements

Sony has hundreds if not thousands of patents for new technology implementations that we’ve either seen and use in products like the PS5 or that have never made it off the cutting room floor, even though Sony keeps the patent ‘just incase’ it’ll return to it.

This latest patent which was recently made public after the application was sent in December 2022, looks very much like it could be the former, and be extremely additive for the PlayStation VR2.

The patent describes new audio technology that would respond to players movements while wearing a “head-mounted display,” which all but says the PSVR2 or a VR headset without saying VR, unless Sony’s discovered a way to mount your 65″ tv on your head that won’t break your neck.

That being the unlikely scenario, especially considering the drawings along with the patent picture a VR-looking headset, we can safely assume this is mostly intended for VR, likely PSVR2.

The technology works by having audio emitted when one of the surrounding “audio markers” when “predetermined conditions” are met, “including at least a proximity to a user.”

Having audio set off by how you move in your space while playing VR, without you needing to press anything on either Sense controllers could definitely add another layer of immersion to VR games.

Like all Sony patents, we’ll have to wait and see if this actually ever sees the light of day.

Source – [FandomWire]