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PS5 Detachable Disc Drive Rumors Gather Steam Via New Sony Patent

Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a patent for a detachable disc drive, fuelling long-running rumors that the format holder is looking to launch a new PS5 model later in the year.

…listed below each disclose an optical disc drive that can be mounted in electronic equipment such as a game machine, personal computer, or audio-visual (AV) equipment.

Provided is an optical disc drive that can implement a conveying roller position manipulation mechanism, a centering mechanism, and a chucking pulley operation mechanism, while allowing the number of components to be reduced.

Keep in mind that there’s no confirmation that pertains to the PS5, although as you can see above, it does mention “a game machine, personal computer and AV equipment.” Furthermore, the diagrams featured in the patent reveal a design that somewhat matches the shape of PS5’s disc drive.

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As previously reported, Sony is heavily rumored to be gearing up for a new PS5 model launch this September, which will reportedly feature a detachable disc drive and is unrelated to the PS5 Pro, which is also supposedly in the pipeline.

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