Sony plans to bring original shows to the PS4 and PSN

TheSixthAxis has today reported on some interesting news about Sony’s plans for the PlayStation Network. It seems earlier this year Sony registered a domain called, and that investigation shows this site now redirects users to, a page that is aimed at advertisers.

OnlineSPT carries multiple Sony announcements, which now include the following: "ORIGINAL SERIES. We are happy to announce that Sony Pictures is hard at work on brand new original programming that will be available exclusively on PSN and PS4."

So what exactly does this mean? Well, TheSixthAxis states it has reached out to Sony but has yet to receive an answer. However, we are willing to speculate it means exactly what it says, and that original programs are more than likely to be currently in production designed specifically for the PSN and PS4. What the content of these shows will be though is still currently unknown.

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