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Sony PlayStation E3 2015 press conference date & time revealed plus secret announcement teased

Sony has sent out invitations for this year’s PlayStation E3 2015 press conference, revealing the date and time of Monday June 15 at 6 PM Pacific.

Once again, the PlayStation E3 conference will be held at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena as it has the past few years. At this time, livestream details are unavailable.

Interestingly enough, the invite’s background image pattern not only includes the PlayStation face buttons, but also the number 2. If combine with the O face button symbol, this could allude to PlayStation’s 20th anniversary.

However, PlayStation’s 20th anniversary of December 3, 2014 has passed (and it didn’t launch in North America until September ’95), so the "2" could also be hinting at something else. A new PS4 version? A major sequel announcement? Speculate in the comments below and look forward to PSU’s E3 2015 coverage.

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