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Sony’s Latest PS5 Patch Removes Bug That Left PS4 Game Icons On UI After You Deleted Them

The latest PS5 system software update removes a pesky bug that has been lingering around since the console’s launch, the folks at Digital Foundry have discovered.

As noted in the video below, the bug saw icons for PS4 games lingering on your shiny new UI even after you deleted them. This has now been remedied with PS5 update 21.01-03.00.00.

The new PS5 system update adds a tidal wave of new features, including the ability to store your PS5 games on an external device, something which users have been crying out for since launch. In case you missed it, the new update sadly does not include supersampling support.

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Other features included in the new PS5 patch are improvements to the HDR and 120Hz support on the console, although speaking of which, there’s a bug that results in Disney Plus not working if you set HDR to ‘On When Supported.’