Sony shows us what’s left for 2017 in latest video

ps4 games 2017

With October right around the corner, that means we’re near Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. Yes, in just a few short months, 2017 will be but a distant memory. Sony knows this, and why we’re down to just three months left for the year, that doesn’t mean the gaming goodness will stop anytime soon. 

To mark this time of the year and to ensure gamers everywhere that there’s still a lot of PlayStation 4 games let to be played, Sony has released a new video showcasing the "Merchant," who goes through his life with God of War, Star Wars Battlefront II, Call of Duty: WWII and other PS4 games just "happening" around him. Sony has also mentioned to watch out for Easter eggs, as tere are "quite a few to be found." 

While Sony might not have a "big game" for Q4 2017, aside from Gran Turismo Sport, it’s not as important now as in years (and even console generations) past, given third-party games will be more than enough to keep gamers occupied. Once 2018 rolls around, we have God of War, Spider-Man PS4, and more. 

In other PlayStation news, Sony is sending out real-life PlayStation Platinum Trophies! Don’t believe me? Check out this video.