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Sony Third-Party Exec Reveals How The Format Holder Gives Tips To Creators On ‘How To Be Best On PlayStation’

Shawne Benson, the global head of third-party portfolio for PlayStation, has revealed during a chat with Boardroom how the format holder offers tips to game creators on how to make them ‘best on PlayStation.’

One example is BlueTwelve Studio’s Stray, which Sony giving feedback to the team that included suggestions about how to implement DualSense functionality into the game.

Those are the kinds of moments where we can give [developers] advice that is very console-specific. What we don’t do is tell them how to make their game because they’re the experts at making a great game. We just give them tips and tricks on how to be best on PlayStation.

We only have so many games we can really put our chips against. [But] there have been so many great games that don’t become part of a deal that we still do a lot of cool stuff with. In fact, our State of Play has a lot of titles in there that we don’t necessarily have traditional partnerships on.

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[Source – Boardroom]