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Sony Were So Worried About PS5 Leaks They Didn’t Even Tell Developers The PS5 Reveal Date


Sony has officially confirmed that the PS5 reveal event will take place on June 4. And Bloomberg’s own Jason Schreier has revealed a little fun fact about the leadup to the event. Mainly, developers weren’t even told the date, because Sony was so afraid of leaks.

Jason Schreier offered the fact shortly after Sony announced the event with the stating “Sony was so paranoid of leaks (and/or things were so constantly in flux) that at least two developers who will actually be presenting at next week’s PS5 event told me they weren’t given any date at all.”

This doesn’t seem too surprising as Sony has been incredibly cautious with the information they release about the PS5 up until now, but it is time to finally get a glimpse at the next generation. Jason doesn’t reveal which developers said this so your guess is as good as mine.

The PS5 is set to release this Holiday.

Source – [Jason Schreier (Twitter)]