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Sony’s Mark Cerny Says Players ‘Overwhelmingly Prefer Games That Are Higher Frame Rates’

PS5 lead architect and all-around Sony legend Mark Cerny has suggested that gamers “overwhelmingly prefer” titles that boast a higher frame rate.

Speaking with Games discussing the success of the PS5 and various other topics, Cerny was asked what has surprised him most about what developers have been doing with Sony’s flagship console, and he responded by highlighting the push for 60 FPS.

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The other thing that has been surprising is the push to 60 frames per second. Based on previous console lifecycles, I would have expected there to be a lot more games that are 30 frames per second only, just because the artwork can be so much more detailed if you have longer time to render it. Instead, the almost universal rule this time around has been the games run at 60.

It’s great from a play perspective. Gamers overwhelmingly prefer games that are higher frame rates. I just didn’t expect such a departure from previous generations.

The PS5 was released in November 2020 in a number of major territories during the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which resulted in major stock shortages for the next two years or so. Sony announced during its latest financial results that the PS5 has now shipped 59.3 million units worldwide.

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