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Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Enjoys a Cheeky Nando’s

Shuhei Yoshida is President of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Worldwide Studios, so you’d fully expect him to embrace culture from all over the globe in his unending quest to get the best PlayStation exclusives.

Well, you can tell Mr. Yoshida takes his role damned seriously as he’s gained an affection for chicken-based eaterie (and cultural touchstone of modern England) Nando’s.

Yes, Yoshida is a fan of the chain-restaurant and its variety of spicy chicken dishes, and while he was down in Brighton for the Develop Conference as both a keynote speaker and as a recipient of the Legend Award, he was given the holiest of gifts in the form of a £20 Nando’s voucher by one Susan Marshall as a token of appreciation.

What’s Yoshida’s favorite dish? Well, I asked the hard questions here and got the answer.

Outstanding choice there Mr. President.

  • Jamie Brown

    Man, Yoshida must be living the life.

  • cloudzn

    Fun Fact Nandos is actually a South African brand