Space Invaders Extreme and TxK developer working on PS4 Project Morpheus

Space Invaders Exteme and TxK developer Jeff Minter is currently working with Sony’s upcoming virtual reality headset for PS4, Project Morpheus.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with PlayStation Universe, Sony Computer Entertainment Business Development Manager Shahid Ahmad, who has spent the last few years flying the flag for indie titles on Sony platforms, told us that the British-based developer is likely to be just one of many indie studios that will create games for Morpheus.

“Jeff Minter is working on Morpheus. I probably shouldn’t say that but I just have. Imagine what he’s going to do?" said Shahid.

British developer Jeff Minter has been involved in the development of dozens of games spanning back to the days of the ZX Spectrum, Vic-20 and C64. In more recent years, his focus has been largely on arcade-style shoot ‘em ups including Space Invaders Exteme on PSP and Nintendo DS and GridRunner Revolution on PSP. Jeff’s latest game is TxK on PlayStation Vita which received high praise from critics. Eurogamer described it as “the best arcade game available for PlayStation Vita”.

The full interview with Shahid Ahmad will be published later today.