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Spellbreak’s First Season Update “The Gathering Storm” Is Releasing Next Week On PS4

Spellbreak will be getting its first Season update next week called “The Gathering Storm”.

The update which will release on October 22, 2020, features a new Team Deathmatch mode. The new Clash mode will have 9v9 with three squad teams to see who is the better team. Along with this, there will be new weekly challenges that will offer unique rewards, a Helloween event, and new talents. The talents, Ambidextrous, Foresight, and Vigor, offer a unique spin on the current game. You can see a small tease at the end of the video.

Spellbreak has been a huge success. With millions of players worldwide, the unique spell-based combat in a battle-royal has been a great combination. Nevertheless, the addition of a team-Deathmatch mode will allow more players to find this great multiplayer game. We loved Spellbreak here at PSU and check out our review of the game here.

Spellbreak “The Gathering Storm” releases for PS4 on October 22, 2020.