Spider-Man could push PS4 sales to 100 million, says Sony


Speaking during an interview with The Telegraph, Sony’s Shawn Layden said that the upcoming Spider-Man game for PlayStation 4 has a strong chance of helping to push sales of the console to 100 million.

PS4 sales could go through the roof

Well, like I tell my sales guys, the first 60 million is the easy 60 million. To get to [100 million], it’s about how do we grow the pie?” said Layden.

The executive went on to say that that Sony’s plans going forward is to broaden its consumer appeal, and in Europe the format holder plans to achieve this by producing “social type games.” However, in the U.S., Layden said that games like Spider-Man will be a key component in growing PS4’s user base.

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But for us in the US I think the biggest chance we have to broaden that pie is with a game like Spider-man,” he said. “Spider-man is probably the best known comic book character in the world and we can take that title – and the way that Insomniac has hit it out the park in realising that character in a way that finally Spider-man plays like you want him to play – I think we can bring people into gaming who may not be there yet through the power of that kind of character.”

Spider-Man is one of many first-party exclusives due out for PS4 in 2018, among which includes God of War, Detroit: Become Human, and Days Gone. The game takes place in an open-world New York City, where our web-slinging superhero finds himself battling against a nefarious group known as the Inner Demons, helmed by the enigmatic Mister Negative.

Expect a Miles Morales appearance at some point, and a story that focuses on a more experienced Peter Parker, who is now in his early 20s attempting to balance college life with that of a superhero. 

Source: Telegraph