Spider-Man PS4 aiming for ‘CG-like aesthetic’ with non-native 4K visuals

spider-man ps4 gameplay

Following the incredible footage of Spider-Man PS4 at E3 2017, some new details have come to light about the graphics of the new web-slinging adventure.

First up, we now know that Spider-Man gameplay was running on a PlayStation 4 Pro during Sony’s press conference, and Eurogamer states that it was running on a HDR TV – the Sony ZD9 UHD TV.

Digital Foundry has now discovered more details about how the game will look on PS4 Pro, which is very exciting.

“Insomniac is using a technique called temporal injection to simulate a 4K image, where four million jittered samples are used to reconstruct a 2160p frame,” writes Digital Foundry.

Sony talks Spider-Man PS4 Pro framerate

“It’s not native 4K, but results hold up on a UHD screen at close range with the presentation appearing smooth and refined. We’re not looking at crystal clear, pin-sharpness here, but the game is aiming for a CG-like aesthetic, which traditionally delivers a slightly soft, but smooth look that still features plenty of fine detail. Integrated with Insomniac’s excellent post-process pipeline, the results here are convincing enough to simulate native 4K, and the game’s cinematic look is quite striking, with a blend of hyper-realistic and natural qualities across characters and environments.”

Digital Foundry has put together an excellent Spider-Man PS4 Pro gameplay analysis video, which you can watch in full below.

Whether Insomniac can keep the game looking and running as perfect as the gameplay demo throughout the experience remains to be seen as there are going to be some challenges faced if Spider-Man PS4 is as open-world as we’re expecting.

Why is Miles Morales in the new Spider-Man game?

“If Spider-Man does embrace open world gameplay, the rendering challenges stack up, “ explains Digital Foundry. “Typically, sandbox titles tend to suffer from compromises such as visible pop-in and low resolution shadows, to help deal with the demands of rendering massive environments. But these trades are mostly absent in the demo, with just a few mild instances of LOD switching as Spider-Man swings through the city.”

Sony is expecting Spider-Man to really help push PS4 console sales even futher. Indeed, Sony’s Shawn Layden thinks that the release of the PS4 exclusive game could see PS4 sales shoot past the 100 million mark.

To read more on the technical aspects of Spider-Man, check out the excellent article from Eurogamer.