Spider-Man PS4 nails traversal, Peter has ‘level of mastery’

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Insomniac Games’ Creative Director, Bryan Allgeier, has spoke of the importance of nailing traversal in the highly anticipated Spider-Man for PlayStation 4.

Speaking with OPM UK at E3 a few weeks back, Allgeier stressed how crucial fluidity is when it comes to translating the web-slinger’s powers to in-game traversal, seeing as how players will be spending a major chunk of the game cruising through the New York City skyline.

Spider-Man dev spills more details

“Traversal, we know it’s the number one thing we’ve got to nail when it comes to Spider-Man,” he said. “Swinging through that open-world New York City, you’ve got to feel that fluid momentum, and that sense of skill and mastery.”

Speaking of an open-world setting, Allgeier touched briefly on how Insomniac’s experience with Sunset Overdrive facilitated Spidey’s sumptuous-looking, crime-filled metropolis—only this time, Peter Parker is more experienced at web-trapping goons.

“Having built an open world that was based on traversal helped a lot,” he admitted. “It gave us a leg up to start with.”

“He’s 23-years-old, and he’s already been Spider-Man for a year when you start the game,” Allgeier said of the game’s hero. “There’s a level of mastery he’s accumulated over the years; think of an athlete in the prime of his career.”

Spider-Man release date

While Sony has yet to announce a concrete release date for Spider-Man, the format holder has confirmed that the game will be hitting stores at some point in 2018. In other words, we’ll be in for a treat next year, as the action-adventure romp will be joining other high-profile PS4 exclusives including God of War, Detroit: Become Human, and Days Gone.

Be sure to check out the latest Spider-Man gameplay straight from E3 2017 to see how it’s shaping up. Sony’s also pretty confident that the game will help push sales of its flagship games console to the magical 100 million mark.

Source: OPM UK Issue 138 (August 2017)