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Square Enix Reports Its Biggest IP’s Like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest And Kingdom Hearts Hitting Big Milestones

Square Enix published its 2022 annual report on Friday, and it showcased some big numbers from three of the publisher’s biggest IP’s.

Games under the Final Fantasy series added another nine million in sales for this year, bringing the franchise total to 173 million in its lifetime.

The Dragon Quest franchise added another two million sales in the year, to reach 85 million units sold in its lifetime.

Last but not least, the Kingdom Hearts franchise now sits at 36 million units sold, with many more on the way, with Kingdom Hearts 4 currently in the works.

These numbers are totals across the entire lifespan for each series, both physical and digital sales across all platforms.

Speaking of the Final Fantasy series, fans were recently given an update on the progress of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XVI, as it seems the project is entering its final stages of production.

We also got a new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI, which dove more into the lore and story rather than the combat.

Source – [ResetEra]