News Tokyo Game Show [TGS] 2007

Square Enix talks FFVII remake; new PS3 project

Everyone saw the breathtaking Final Fantasy VII demo when the PlayStation 3 was first announced back at E3 2005. But Square Enix has remained stern on the position that they would not present the world with a remake for the PS3. This, however, did not stop millions of people asking for one whenever the opportunity presented itself.

This week, Famitsu sat down executive producer Yoshinori Kitase, producer Hideki Imaizumi, director Hajime Tabata, and character designer Tetsuya Nomura to discuss Crisis Core and future iterations from Square-Enix.

After stating how intense Crisis Core is, and how it fills up almost an entire UMD-rom, Nomura and Kitsae were questioned on upcoming games. Aside from Crisis Core, Famitsu editors asked about new developments in the Compilation series, before stating the obvious—fans want a FFVII remake.

Imaizumi said that the remake of FFVII is a question of timing, mentioning that Kitase, Nomura and Tabata are all busy with the Final Fantasy XIII series. He added that a new game of some form would be announced at the Tokyo Game Show. It’s not certain if this new game is in the FFXIII series or a completely new title from Kitase, Nomura and Tabata–but PlayStation 3 owners should be very excited.

No–this isn’t Kingdom Hearts III, which was already touted to be unveiled for the PlayStation 3 console at TGS.

Imaizumi confirmed again that there is currently no plans for a FFVII remake but noted that this decision could take place very quickly, and mentioned how the decision to make Crisis Core took only two days. So, have no fret PS3 owners!