Square Enix’s White Engine is cross platform

Square Enix’s Hiromichi Tanaka said in a keynote address at Austin GDC that Final Fantasy XIII’s foundations are built on the developer’s "cross platform" White Engine.

"Development is proceeding smoothly now, with the framework now beginning to take shape. Last year we went through a development reorganization, with the development of our own cross-platform middleware – the white engine. This is the foundation for FFXIII and the new MMO," he stated.

Square Enix had previously suggested that White Engine was built specifically for PS3. However, a new MMO is currently in development that also uses White Engine, and it will be a cross platform and cross region title. Undoubtedly the news of a cross platform engine will spark rumors of a cross platform Final Fantasy XIII. But at the moment, only the unannounced MMO will benefit from White Engine’s multiplatform development.

Source: GamaSutra