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Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Trophies Revealed

The full Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Trophy list has been confirmed, and those of you looking for a shiny new Platinum will be pleased to know that the upcoming PlayStation 4 version of the 2002 classic features its own Platinum to unlock.

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Trophies

May the Force Be With You, Kyle (Platinum)

Unlocked all Trophies

Mynock Hunt (Bronze)

While force griping an enemy, finish them off with a lightsaber throw

See ya! (Bronze)

Force push an enemy to a deadly fall

Birds of a feather (Bronze)

While airborne, force pull 4 enemies into the air

Academy Training (Bronze)

Force jump into a walrus, then flip off the wall

These aren’t the droids you’re looking for… (Bronze)

Use Rank 3 Mind Trick

Kyle shot first (Bronze)

Defeat your first Stormtrooper

The bigger they are… (Silver)

Defeat an AT-ST

Crystals (Silver)

Complete Kejim base

Jan! (Silver)

Complete Artus Prime

An Old Friend (Gold)

Meet with Luke Skywalker

I’m just a guy with a lightsaber (Silver)

Recover your lightsaber

Getting the Band Back Together (Bronze)

Reunite with Lando

Found You (Silver)

Defeat Reelo Baruk & his henchmen

Jailbreak (Bronze)

Escape Nar Shadaa with Lando

Where’s your master, apprentice (Silver)

Defeat Tavion

I have a bad feeling about this….(Bronze)

Board the Doomgiver

I thought you were dead! (Bronze)

Reunite with Jan

Your shields will fall (Gold)

Defeat Galak Fyyar

Escape! (Silver)

Escape the Doomgiver with Jan

Overgrown Kowakian monkey-lizard (Gold)

Defeat Desann

Padawan (Bronze)

Defeat the game on Padawan Difficulty

Jedi (Bronze)

Defeat the game on Jedi Difficulty

Jedi Knight (Silver)

Defeat the game on Jedi Knight Difficulty

Jedi Master (Gold)

Defeat the game on Jedi Master Difficulty

What’s behind this door? (Bronze)

Discover your first secret

Hide and secret (Silver)

Discover 10 secrets

Force Sight (Gold)

Discover all secrets

Droid Cruelty (Bronze)

Eliminate a non-combat droid

Mr. Just a Guy (Bronze)

Eliminate the Bartender

Got It Before It Got You (Bronze)

Destroy a trip mine with a blaster shot

Prepared (Bronze)

Hold 5 Biotech Bacta Canisters

Yes, disintegrations (Bronze)

Disintegrate an enemy

Embrace the Dark Side! (Bronze)

Complete a level with a cheat code enabled

Watch your step! (Bronze)

Fall to your death

Hot Tub (Bronze)

Fall into lava

Looks like a Jedi, and walks like a Jedi (Bronze)

Defeat the first Reborn

Source: PSNProfiles