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Star Wars: Outlaws Physical Versions Will Require An Internet Connection To Install The Game

Star Wars: Outlaws got a brand new story trailer on Tuesday, which revealed the release date, showcased more about the game’s story than we’d seen before, and importantly kicked off pre-orders for the game.

All good things, seemingly, though the eagle-eyed of the internet such as Wario64 on Twitter spotted a tiny, itty-bitty box beside the “RP” ESRB rating on the box art.

A tiny box with even smaller words that read “Internet required to install the game.” Words that no one buying a physical disc for any game wants to read.

This means that, as is the case with pretty much every game today, when you buy Outlaws on a disc and pop it into your console, you’ll need to ‘update’ the game before playing. Except this won’t just be a regular day-one patch.

It’ll potentially be the full game that you’re downloading, with the disc and mainly your internet connection existing as a shiny, round DRM check. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this, specifically this isn’t the first time Ubisoft has done this.

Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora suffered a similar fate, where players who had the physical version found themselves unable to play it if they were offline. An interesting difference though is that for Avatar, this news wasn’t initially featured on the first images of the box art that went public, and only appeared at launch.

At least Ubisoft is getting ahead of it in this case. Still, it’s unfortunate to see that without an internet connection, something that’s absolutely not required for single-player games, players won’t be able to enjoy the game they’ve purchased.

Source – [Wario64 on Twitter]