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Star Wars: Outlaws Story Trailer Dives Deeper Into The Kay Vess’ Journey Through The Galaxy’s Criminal Underworld, Confirms August Release Date

Star Wars: Outlaws got a brand new story trailer on Tuesday from Ubisoft Massive, one that gave us better framing for the journey through the galaxy’s criminal underworld that protagonist Kay Vess and her companion Nix will embark on.

Also, we once again got confirmation that Star Wars: Outlaws will arrive on PS5 and other current-gen platforms on August 30, 2024, a fact that was previously spoiled accidentally earlier on Tuesday.

With the reveal of the release date players can also start pre-ordering Star Wars: Outlaws should they wish to do so, choosing between three editions: Standard for $69.99 USD, Gold for $109.99 USD and Ultimate for $129.99 USD.

There’s a pre-order bonus that comes with every version, including the Standard edition, which is a cosmetic pack for your speeder and spaceship.

The Gold edition adds 3 day early access to the game, meaning it’ll be available to those players on August 27, 2024 and the Season Pass, which includes two DLC’s meant to arrive sometime after launch.

It’ll also include an extra mission that’ll be available at launch called Jabba’s Gambit, and additional cosmetics for Kay Vess and Nix.

Finally the Ultimate edition will include everything the Gold edition does, with an added bonus of a digital art book and cosmetics from the “Rogue Infiltrator Bundle” and the “Sabacc Shark Bundle.”

The catalyst for Vess’ journey seems to be upsetting the wrong criminal faction in the galaxy, and needing that always-enticing “one final job” to earn her freedom, and make it out of the endless cycle of violence and survival that comes with leading a criminal life in the Star Wars universe.

Veteran Star Wars fans will recognize criminal syndicates like the Pykes, the Hutts, and Crimsion Dawn, all of whom will be represented in the game. You’ll deal with them, but most importantly it’ll be a new faction Zerek Besh, that Vess will be tied up with the most. Mainly because that’s the faction who wants her dead.

We also got cameo’s from Han Solo, though his performance was stone cold, if you catch my meaning, and we also got to see the beginnings of a scene between Vess and Jabba the Hutt in his infamous canteen on Tatooine.

You can check out the new trailer for yourself, below.

Source – [Ubisoft]