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Star Wars Outlaws Ubisoft Forward Gameplay Footage Shows A Stunning, Sprawling Star Wars Universe

star wars outlaws ubi forward 2024

In our latest in-depth look at Massive Entertainment’s slick Star Wars Outlaws, this year’s Ubisoft Forward showcased an unexpectedly sophisticated open world action RPG that is shaping up to be one of the most polished games of the year.

Taking control of outlaw scoundrel Kay Vess (complete with her companion Nix in tow), it appears that our not-so heroic protagonist can locate various ‘masters’ around the galaxy, track them down and gain new skills and abilities to supplement her own. Split between third-person on-foot and ground vehicle exploration, together with space exploration and combat, Star Wars Outlaws would certainly seem to provide much more variety in its game mechanics than other typical Ubisoft fare has of late.

On-foot, Kay can use stealth and takedowns to stymie her foes or she can engage them head-on for a blaster-stuffed confrontation, while space combat also looks to be compelling too, with its own missions and an in-built reputation system that can be adjusted depending on which side you fight for (and who happen to destroy in the darkness of space).

In case you’re wondering, landing on a planet would seem to be achieved fairly simply. In the case of Tatooine, you have predefined points of interest (such as Mos Eisley, Jabba’s Palace and so on) that you simply select and then the ship will land there. Happy days.

With the scope and sweep of its epic Star Wars setting, coupled with a stunning audiovisual presentation and a surprisingly varied set of gameplay systems, Star Wars Outlaws looks every bit the open-world action RPG that many of us have long pined for. Though Star Wars Outlaws releases for PS5 on August 30, 2024, you can catch the Ubisoft Forward 2024 gameplay trailer below: