Street Fighter IV producer talks motion controls

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono has revealed that while he is very much interested in the prospect of motion controls, he doesn’t feel it would be a suitable application for the Street Fighter series.

Chatting with the folks at GamesTM, Ono observed that adding motion control functionality to a game like Street Fighter would ultimately prove far too physically demanding for players – himself included.

“I’m quite interested in [motion controls], sure," said Ono. "People always ask if it’s something that I’d incorporate into a Street Fighter game, but if you try to imagine it with motion controls, you’d be absolutely exhausted by the end of round one."

"If you’re talking about the fighting genre where it’s typically one-on-one or two-on-two, I think it’d be physically too burdening to attempt such a thing. A man of my age wouldn’t even be able to play that sort of game!”

“I think it’d be physically to burdening to attempt such a thing”

However, the SFIV producer went on to drum up some rather comical ideas for incorporating motion controls in a Street Fighter title, stating: “If I was to create a motion-controlled game, we’d have to come up with some brand new idea – Street Fighter Fit or Street Fighter Exercise, maybe? No, Street Fighter Yoga! Although that would involve flame breathing, so I’m not sure we’d get away with that.”