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Subnautica Creator To Unveil Its New Sci-Fi IP On August 23 At GamesCom

Subnautica developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment has announced that it will be unveiling its new sci-fi IP at GamesCom 2022 on August 23.

Geoff Keighley confirmed on Twitter that he will be joined by game director Charlie Cleveland to announce the new project, and there will be a healthy dollop of gameplay to enjoy to boot.

The fact they’re announcing a new IP means that it’s not a new Subnautica game, so it’s likely the Project M title that Unknown Worlds Entertainment previously described as a “wholly unique turn-based strategy game set in a sci-fi world.”

It’s also worth remembering that the team is also working on a new Subnautica game, which was confirmed in a job listing back in April.

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Subnautica was released for the PC in January 2018 and arrived on PS4 and Xbox One in December of that year. The PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions turned up in May 2021.