Cyclops Guide PS4 Subnautica

Subnautica Cyclops – How To Build, Get Blueprints, Upgrades

The Cyclops is a vehicle in Subnautica. It is a submarine and can be built in the Mobile Vehicle Bay. However, you have to explore the depths of planet 4546B in order to get it. Here is how to build the Subnautica Cyclops and the upgrades you can give it.

The Cyclops can store a lot, including a Prawn Suit and a Seamoth. It can also be used as a moving base of operations and can be equipped with furniture. The Cyclops can have three different speeds and each setting affects the amount of noise created.

Subnautica Cyclops – How To Build

In order to build the Cyclops, you will need three blueprints. The first blueprint is for the Hull and can be found in the Sea Treader’s Path and the Mushroom Forest. The engine is the second blueprint and can be found in a lot of locations, including the Mushroom Forest, Mountains, Underwater Islands, Crag Field, and Crash Zone. The final blueprint allows you to build the Bridge. In order to do that, you can pick up the blueprint in the Crash Zone, Mushroom Forest, and the Sea Treader’s Path.

Subnautica Cyclops - Data Bank Image

Subnuatica Cyclops – Upgrades and Customisation

Various upgrades can be installed into the Cyclops. To do this, head to the Vehicle Upgrade Console on the port side. Here you can also change the vehicles name and colour. Below is a list of all the upgrades and what you need to craft them.

Pressure Compensator Module

This upgrade increases the Cyclops’ maximum crush depth. This allows it to survive greater pressure.

  • Base – 500 Meters Crush Depth
  • Mark 1 – 900 Meters Crush Depth – 1 Plasteel Ingot, 3 Ruby Required
  • Mark 2 – 1300 Meters Crush Depth – 1 Plasteel Ingot, 3 Nickel Ore, Depth Module Mk 1
  • Mark 3 – 1700 Meters Crush Depth – 1 Plasteel Ingot, 3 Kyanite, Depth Module Mk 2
Engine Efficiency Module

This upgrade decreases the total power consumption of the Cyclops by 300%.

  • Base – 300% Reduction – 1 Computer Chip, 1 Benzene, 1 Polyaniline
Thermal Reactor Module

This upgrade replenishes the power of the Cyclops by using heat from the ocean. At 35 degrees celsius, it has a 10% charge rate, but this increases up to 50% the hotter it gets.

  • Base – Up To 50% Charge Rate – 2 Polyaniline, 4 Kyanite, 1 Wiring Kit
Sonar Module

This will emit a wave detailing data of the area on the HUD as well as revealing the topography of the area.

  • Base – 1 Computer Chip, 3 Magnetite
Fire Suppression System Module

This upgrade will automatically extinguish fires that break out due to incoming damage.

  • Base – 2 Aerogel, 2 Crystaline Sulfur
Docking Bat Repair Module

This will automatically repair any Seamoth and Prawn Suits you return with.

  • Base – 1 Repair Tool, 1 Copper Wire
Creature Decoy Tube Module

This increases the number of creatures a Decoy Tube can hold. It will increase to five with this upgrade.

  • Base – 3 Titanium, 2 Lithium, 1 Aerogel
Shield Generator Module

The final upgrade will temporarily project an electromagnet shield around the Cyclops. This will repel and negate all incoming damage.

  • Base – 1 Advanced Wiring Kit, 1 Polyaniline, 1 Power Cell

That covers it for the Cyclops. What have you been working towards in Subnautica?

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