Guide PS4 Trophies Subnautica

Subnautica PS4 Trophies – A Guide To Get Them All

subnuatica ps4 trophies

Subnautica has finally launched on PS4, and the full set of trophies has been revealed. In between finding all the leviathans and battling for survival in the depths of the ocean, there’s a host of trophies to collect.

In this open world adventure from Unknown Worlds, players are tasked with exploring an underwater world. By collecting resources and tending to your own survival needs, there’s plenty of danger to thwart.

Subnautica PS4 Trophies

In total, there are 18 Subnautica PS4 trophies to collect. Check out the guide to discover them all.

Platinum Trophy

Collect all other trophies

Gold Trophy

Extinction Event Avoided – Repair the Aurora Reactor

Thermal Activity – Find the Thermal Plant

Find the Lost River – Find the Disease Research Facility

Optimal Health – Cure the infection

Leave Only Time Capsules – Create and deploy a time capsule

Follow the Degasi – Find the Degasi habitat in the jellyshroom caves

Seamonsters – Find the Degasi habitat in the deep grand reef

Fourteen Thousand Leagues Under the Sea – Find the Primary Containment Facility

Go Among the Stars – Launch the neptune rocket

Silver Trophy

Ancient Technologies – Find the Enforcement Platform

Seaside Living with an Ocean View – Find the Degasi habitat on the floating island

Settling in for the Long Haul – Build a habitat

Personal Propulsion – Build a seamoth

40-foot Sub For One – Build a cyclops

Ordered the Prawn – Build a prawn suit

“Man’s Best Friend” – Hatch and release a Cuddlefish

Bronze Trophy

Getting Your Feet Wet – Dive for the very first time