Sucker Punch strives for realism in inFamous: Second Son

Sucker Punch has spoken to the Official PlayStation Magazine UK about making the InFamous universe feel more alive and revealed the emotion at play in one meaning of the game’s subtitle, Second Son.

The team at Sucker Punch is fully aware of the idea that streets in open world games won’t still be "alive" when you turn a corner. In fact, they refer to this issue as the "reality bubble." Second Son’s Creative Director Nate Fox says, "we actually have things going on. There are more systems running concurrently than ever before."

There is also realism in the emotional dynamics of the game, with the subtitle Second Son referring not just to Delsin’s position as Cole McGrath’s successor but to his envy of his brother. Interestingly, Delsin’s voice actor, Troy Baker, and that of his brother Reggie, Travis Willingham, are best friends in real life. Their trust and love "comes off really well" in the game, according to Fox.

Have a read of the official interview for more details, including brief thoughts on the game’s motion capture technology.

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