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Supermassive Games Single-Player Dead By Daylight Game Will Be Featured At The Game Awards

Dead By Daylight developer Behavior Interactive is working on expanding the Dead By Daylight universe, and one of the ways we learned it’s doing this is with a single-player title being developer in collaboration with Supermassive Games.

On Wednesday, with The Game Awards less than a day away, Behavior Interactive and Supermassive Games teased that players will be able to find out more about this coming single-player title during Geoff Keighley’s show.

A tweet from the Dead By Daylight account tags The Game Awards account, while posting a clip of the original announcement from back in May of this year.

Considering the precedent that Behavior Interactive has with The Game Awards, having done its fair share of reveals during Keighley’s show makes this tease no surprise.

We know that the single-player title is set within the ever-expanding Dead By Daylight universe, and that it’ll feature a new cast of characters.

With Supermassive’s own history it’ll be interesting to see if this takes a similar narrative and gameplay approach, or if Supermassive has worked with Behavior Interactive to create something with more of an action tilt while keeping Supermassive’s narrative chops.

Thankfully fans of both studios won’t have to wait too long now to find out a little more about what this currently unnamed single-player title will be.

Source – [Behavior Interactive]