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Surviving Mars Best Coordinates

surviving mars best coordinates

Choosing the best place to land in Surviving Mars is not a simple choice. Maybe you're looking for a flat surface, or a location full of resources? In the following Surviving Mars Best Coordinates, we've put some together to give you a great start.

This list of Surviving Mars Best Coordinates has been put together by an unknown person. It's a fantastic resource, which tells you the coordinates, the amount of resources in the area (Metals, Concrete and Water) and the weather conditions (Dust Devils, Dust Storms, Meteors and Cold Waves).

It also tells you the threat total and the threat versus the resources ratio. This is the definitive list of Surviving Mars Best Coordinates from where to start your adventure.

As the list is so comprehensive, it's been put together on an excel spreadsheet labelled Surviving Mars Start Locations. You can view this freely on the web, so go and check it out!

From that list, we've took out some of the coordinates where you can find the most resources. Head to these places and you'll find a relatively flat area to build and 12 resources you can get stuck into.

Surviving Mars Best CoordinatesTerrainMetalsConcreteWater
10N176ERelatively Flat444
10N177ERelatively Flat444
11N177ERelatively Flat444
4N174ERelatively Flat444
6N175ERelatively Flat444
9N176ERelatively Flat444

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Surviving Mars is a simulation game developer by Haemimont Games. It's available now on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. In the game, players are tasked with building a colony on Mars. For more details, check out the official website.