SWAT team arrests two men for playing PS3

Imagine this: you’re playing a shooter on your PS3 with a buddy, your surround sound is blasting, and you’re having a jolly good time. Then, over the cacophony of digital warfare, you hear a man on a megaphone shout, "Come out of the building with your hands up!"

That’s what occurred recently in Copenhagen when a frightened neighbor phoned the police after hearing "gunfire" in a nearby apartment. The police didn’t take the report lightly; they sent an entire SWAT team. After arriving at the residence, the SWAT team called the two men, a 21-year-old resident and his friend, out to the street, and proceeded to arrest them on the suspicion of firing weapons in the apartment.

Yes, they were shooting… enemies on the flat screen television.

The police searched the apartment, but didn’t find any firearms, and soon released the two men. If there’s any moral to this story, it’s turn the volume down. Or don’t live next to paranoid elderly people. Either works.