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Tales From The Borderlands Has Been Rated For PS5

Tales From The Borderlands has officially be rated by the ESRB for PS5, indicating that more than a year after it returned to the PlayStation Store, it ought to be coming to current generation consoles soon.

The rating was spotted on Reddit, and while it doesn’t provide any kind of release date, at least an announcement could be coming soon.

Gamescom is an potential candidate for when we could see a reveal, though that is still over a month away. Of course, an announcement could simply just come at any time.

Hopefully for fans that happens sooner rather than later though, as it is one of the more beloved spin-off titles to have come from the Borderlands franchise.

So much that a new one is in fact on the way, and set to be revealed sometime later this summer.

It’ll be interesting to see if there have been any kind of upgrades done for the PS5 version of the game.

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