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Team Asobi Confirms Astro Bot Will Get Free DLC Post-Launch

Astro Bot, the coming 3D platformer starring PlayStation’s robot mascot from Team Asobi will arrive this coming September 6, 2024 and following an eventful Summer Game Fest 2024, we now have a few more details about the coming title.

A big one for players is confirmation (per IGN) that the game will indeed receive free DLC post-launch.

Studio head at Team Asobi Nicolas Doucet confirmed in a recent interview that there are plans for DLC to arrive “soon” after the game launches, but wouldn’t be clear on the exact date.

What he did share though is that this DLC will be, at least in part, focused on adding more challenge levels for expert platforming players to jump into.

Beyond that, Doucet was scant on details. Though an exciting point for players is that he did commend PlayStation for the freedom Team Asobi got as to who would be included in Astro Bot for all the little cameos players loved in Astro’s Playroom.

Doucet said that PlayStation “completely opened the doors” for whichever characters the development team wanted to include, so it’ll be fun to find all the deep cuts littered across Astro Bot’s 80+ levels.

Source – [IGN]