Tekken 5: DR Online coming your way

An upgraded version of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection will soon be making its way to the PSN store, reports the omniscient Famitsu.

This tarted up version of one of the best fighters ever crafted by mortal fingers, adds online play to its repertoire, allowing you to lay the freshest smack down to friends and enemies alike. There will be an online ranking system in place; this way all will know who is truly King of the Iron Fist.

People who already bought DR on the PSN will be able to pay a discounted ¥1000 JPY ($8.15 USD, £4.13 GBP), compared to the ¥2800 JPY ($22.83 USD, £11.57 GBP) if you did not.

Release dates and other regional pricing have yet to be announced.

With Tekken 6 getting closer and closer, re-igniting peoples interest in the previous instalment can’t be a bad thing.

Stay tuned.