Tekken x Street Fighter is still in development

Tekken boss Katsuhiro Harada has confirmed that the long-delayed Tekken x Street Fighter is still in the pipeline.

The project was originally announced back in 2010 alongside Street Fighter x Tekken, but while that game hit stores in March 2012, its companion title has yet to see the light of day. In fact, we’ve seen little on the game since its announcement, bar a few concept images.

However, speaking to Inven (via Hardcore Gamer), Harada-san not only is the game still coming, but “Tekken x Street Fighter’s base system is already finished.”

He also revealed that Tekken 7 and its various updates will be finished before Tekken x Street Fighter is, and their releases will be timed strategically. In other words, it doesn’t sound like we’ll see the latter in stores anytime soon.

Back in February, Namco said that the release date and platform(s) for Tekken x Street Fighter had yet to be decided, and later assured gamers in July that the title had not been cancelled

Tekken 7 is scheduled for release in Japanese arcades in February/March, with a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version expected some time later. Street Fighter V is also on the cards, though it’s only 20 percent complete.