Tekken x Street Fighter platform(s), release date is ‘TBC’

Tekken x Street Fighter, the upcoming crossover brawler from Namco Bandai, has been listed as ‘TBC’ on the publisher’s latest release schedule in regards to projected platforms and release date.

The game was originally announced in 2010 alongside Street Fighter x Tekken, though we’ve seen almost nothing on the project since. Namco has issued sporadic updates on the game, and the last we heard it’s still in development — but could it now be a next-generation title?

Rumors have circulated in past months that the game has been moved to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, though Namco has insisted it is still on track for current-generation machines.

Tekken x Street Fighter offers a traditional 3D beat-’em-up take on the previous Street Fighter x Tekken effort, using Namco’s own assets and visual template to bring both series together for another all-out punch-up.

Stay tuned to for more details.