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Tencent Acquires Destruction AllStars Developer Lucid Games Through Subsidiary LightSpeed Studios

LightSpeed Studios, which is a subsidiary of Tencent has announced that it will acquire Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games.

In its announcement of the acquisition, Lucid Games expressed that it will continue to run independently when it comes to making the games that it wants to make, now with the added support from LightSpeed.

“We are thrilled that Lucid Games is now part of LightSpeed Studios family.” Lucid Games began in its announcement on Twitter.

“We’ll continue to enjoy full independence in the games that we create and the operation of the studio, while having the support from LightSpeed Studios’ global network and technology capabilities.”

Lucid Games has previously been a support studio for titles like Apex Legends, Nightingale and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, though its most recent title that it developed in-house was Destruction AllStars.

Originally planned to be a fully priced release, Destruction AllStars was instead delayed, cut in price and then launched into PlayStation Plus when it finally did release.

What looked like a Twisted Metal meets the art style of Fortnite in Destruction AllStars didn’t resonate with players the way Lucid would have initially hoped.

Despite the poor start to the game’s life, Lucid’s last statement on the game said that it would “keep pushing forward” with Destruction AllStars.

Now that it’s been acquired by LightSpeed, it’ll be interesting to see where it’s next project goes.

Source – [Gematsu]